philipp schlesinger
Flappy Bird AI project
A project I did in school, a bunch of neural networks try to learn how to play flappy bird
Random Region Generator
This project was made for a YouTube Channel called Pen&Blade
Staticz Ruby Gem
Staticz is a tool I wrote to make static website development more modern. In fact, this page was built with staticz
A notes service that supports markdown
Coming Soon

about me

Hi, my name is Philipp, I am a software developer currently located in Berlin, Germany.

Software is my passion, in and out of work. In my current job at ViaEurope B.V. I mostly work with Ruby on Rails and Android. I help building a strong full stack application, while also building APIs for our android apps. In my freetime, I experiment a lot with new technologies such as AI, physics calculations and hardware encryption.

When I am not programming, I like to hike, skate, read, play video games, or have a nice session of DnD.